Double your software delivery speed
Deploy fearlessly, gather feedback faster, run a/b tests and encourage experiments with feature flags
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Easy-to-use feature flags management tool that provides
Safe deployments
Using feature flags, you can modify your product without making disruptive code changes to the live code. If a feature does not work as it should just turn it off
Release anytime
With feature flags, you can deploy anytime by separating code deployment from release. Don’t wait for all changes to be made. Release completed features, toggle off unfinished ones
Сanary release
Release a new feature to a subgroup of end users to see how it works before rolling it out to a wider audience
Test in production
Feature flags let you test in production on real, live users. Mitigate the risk of useless features and a poor release
Simple A/B tests
Improve product and market strategies
Andrew Orsich
Founder, Technical Product
Manager of Paralect
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